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Title: We all sleep at night!

Author: Marina Ploumpi 

Illustrator: Irini Thanou

Publications :Sweet Serendipities

ISBN: 978-618-85774-1-1

Pages: 32

Cover: Hardcover

Recommended Age:  from 18 months

Book dimensions: 21 x  23.5 cm 

Original language: Greek

Date of 1st Edition: June 2022


We all sleep at night!

Back cover

I take a bath, I wear pajamas, I play a fairy tale,

I'm looking for mom's arms.

But at night when I wake up,

I'm looking for her milk.

When everything is asleep and with one voice they are telling stories

"At night everything sleeps, don't forget that

in the morning, mom's milk again."

The armchair agrees,

the couch is snoring

the kangaroo hums in his sleep.

I'm still not sure about that,

but someone convinces me in bed again to get in...

Probably the sleeping Z hidden in the lamp.


A fairy tale about night weaning. Perhaps the most difficult step of weaning a child, since most times, if not all, breastfeeding is associated with the sweet happiness that carries the child from the mother's arms to the arms of Morpheus.


However, since in the night not only those children who want to breastfeed wake up, but also those who are looking for a toy or a hug, this fairy tale can be read in two ways. In the flow of the narrative you will find shooting stars that "lead" you to those words that replace the text that refers to weaning.


A children's book with a double reading!



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"At night we all sleep!"

1st edition June 2022

The first children's book in Greece about night weaning and night awakenings!

The first children's book in Greece  with double reading and for those children who are not breastfed! 

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