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Title : One last pearl

Author: Marina Ploumpi 

Illustrator: Irini Thanou

Publications :Sweet Serendipities

ISBN: 978-618-85774-2-8

Pages: 40

Cover: Hardcover

Recommended Age: 2+

Book dimensions: 21 x  23.5 cm 

Original language: Greek

Date of 1st Edition: November 2021

Date of 2nd Edition: October 2022

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One last pearl

Back cover

Since she was a baby, Sophia has been enjoying drinking her mommy’s milk.

Now, however, she has grown, and apart from milk, she eats delicious foods, fruit and vegetables.


At night she wakes, wanting mommy’s milk to drink.

But one day, mommy said to her 

“Wait, better to sing a song, I think”.

Sophia was very upset,

The milk she could not forget.

And so with mommy she made a deal,

For her and her pearly meal.



A children’s book that refers to the extremely important and sensitive (both for the child and for the mother) period of weaning toddlers. It is a difficult “separation”, which, however, signals the start of a new, more independent time for the child.

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The last sip 

1st edition November 2021

The first children's book in Greece for the smooth weaning of infants. A scrapbook of the breastfeeding journey, a memory book for mother and child. 

It was so loved by mothers and children that the 1st edition of the book sold out within six months of its release. This first edition is now a collector's item. 

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