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Green Typewriter

When I'm not writing stories 
i write some thoughts ... 

which maybe they too someday
become stories...

Traveling through the magic of Christmas

Really, is there a better place to travel at Christmas than our own home?

The on line magazine Familives is in my heart since seven years ago it was the first one that gave me the step to express my thoughts. 


Emotional neglect

What consequences does it have in the lives of our children?

At sea one day

I feel the need to write at sea one day... alone.

How to become the perfect woman?

Really now; Truth;

Summer in Greece...where to go and what to wear? 



Children's goals or parents' goals?

Let's not clip our children's wings because they have their own desires, their own dreams and their own goals and not ours.

Thank you


Road Trip with kids

There are four rules that characterize a road trip with children..

Traveling by air with a toddler

It's time to analyze air travel with a toddler, the must dos & don'ts.

Issue - December 2022

Our Christmas...

Issue - March 2021



Issue - December 2021

Christmas Thought

Issue - December 2020

Reasons for your kids to spend more time with grandparents

Issue - September 2021

What is September?

But vacation month of course!

Issue - September 2020

Bullet Journal

Issue - June 2020

The rude fellow traveler...

Habits that annoy.

Issue - September 2019

Fill the house with positive energy

Issue - March 2020

The hunt for lost eggs

Issue - June 2019

At the campsite with the kids

Issue - December 2019

Santa's gifts

Issue - March 2019

Car travel & safety

Issue - December 2018

Traveling through the magic of Christmas 

Issue - September 2018

Hotel and child

Issue - June 2018

Traveling by air with a baby

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