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International Read to Me!

“It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a child to inspire a village”

— Emma Mactaggart, The Child Writes Fund 

‘Every day is International Read to Me Day!’ is an audacious campaign working to build a community where volunteers from around the globe read every ten minutes, 24 hours a day, supporting families by sharing the love of reading!


Let's make every day International Read to Me Day!

 We know how important reading is for children’s intellectual and social development. We can all help children with their reading and the idea of marking one special day when we do that is just one part of a much bigger strategy.

Day aims to begin and then continue a conversation which reveals the barriers to reading which are faced in different countries and communities. Some of these are a lack of resources, time-poor caregivers, inadequate educational support or geographic isolation, and an insufficient amount of literature in a child’s native language.

We have found that by sharing these challenges with our IRTMD community, we have been able to find solutions to some of these issues. Often, it can be a matter of sharing the needs of an organisation, and then celebrating the triumphs and successes. Through the use of social media on a global scale, International Read to Me! Day brings attention to the need and welcomes the involvement of those who wish to provide a solution.

It’s the ‘WE’ that creates the magic in this!

This way, together, we:

-Instil an invaluable love of reading,

-Make a genuine difference to the development of children’s vocabulary which is transformative to their futures,

-Whilst promoting the work of incredible writers and illustrators and their publishers around the world,

-At no cost to parents and caregivers (In fact, no-one receives any money at any stage of this campaign) and giving access irrespective of their socio-economic descriptors.

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2023 Day MARCH 19TH International Read to Me Day MARCH 19TH
I presented and read an excerpt from my own book "Lefteris goes for a walk belt, helmet off we go!" Symmetry editions.
You can see the videohere.
- Author Evangelia Kakourou read my children's book "At night we all sleep!" editionsSweet Serendipities  You can see the video here. 
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