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"Greece, Storytelling Paths"

The initiative "Greece, storytelling paths" is under the auspices of Region Of Crete  and is addressed to Kindergarten children and those of First and Second Grade of Primary School.

The idea of the action was created when in May 2022 our book "One Last Pearl" (the first children's book in Greece on the subject of weaning) was sent as a donation to the School Unit of Agathonisi island , in the Dodecanese  and an interactive narration of this book was followed at the urging of the teachers of this school unit. This narration took place on line, in the Hall "Sympleusi" of the school unit of Agathonisi.  The enthusiasm of the children for something they were living for the first time was moving and gave us the motivation to continue and give this joy to other children living in remote Greece, but also to the children of the Diaspora.

The initiative continued  with the interactive narration of the books "One last pearl" and " We all sleep at night!" in Moires village in Heraklion Crete, in Stemnitsa village in Arcadia and in Kardamyli village in Messinia. The characteristic phrase of a child "we have neither seen an author nor a book narration before" motivate us  to go to every village in Greece either in person or on line. The purpose of this effort is to provide equal opportunities for storytelling to children and using Greek children's books to help them acquire cultural experiences.


This initiative is meant to unite all Greek children

by conveying to them the message of cultural opportunities for all children.

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Below you will see the first stories.The springboard!

Those children who "awakened" us and gave us the powerful message!

Equal opportunities in culture for all children!

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