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I was born and raised in Athens. My knees acquired their childhood scars in the then Amarousi's alans, the time when children played rope, apples, football in the street and lead soldiers. If you didn't find me somewhere with the neighborhood kids "lost" in the games of our childhood imagination then I would definitely either be reading or writing a diary.  The only fairy tales that existed then were the classics but I chose to get lost in the world of Mickey Mouse and as I read aloud and wondered how grandpa could read his newspaper without his voice being heard, I wished at some point that I too would acquire this magical ability. Until the time came when I got it, and then "Barba Thomas's Hut" fell into my hands, and then "The Showcase Goat" and "Peter's Great Walk". They were the ones that put me in the magical world of literature and since then I only think and write, or I don't think and write again.

I'm one of those lucky ones, that what I studied - Tourism Operations - I had already fallen in love with before I even entered the student hall and for fourteen years I served it with great love in major tourist offices in Athens. Through my work I traveled a lot and filled the basket of memories, experiences and inspiration. follow my passion, writing.  However, writing and erasing was not enough for me, so I re-entered the student halls to study Literary Writing, with some of my texts distinguished in literary competitions and some others to be published in multi-author works.

In 2021 I created my own publishing house with the name Sweet Serendipities. Why 'Sweet Serendipities'? Because Serendipity is a wonderful word whose definition is "the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way" . All of our lives are surrounded by coincidences and yes, they are sweet.


"One last pearl" is my first children's book and the first children's book in Greece on the topic of smooth weaning of toddlers (first edition: November 2021). Then, in June 2022, followed the second children's book entitled "We all sleep at night!" having as a theme night weaning and night awakenings.


I am a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), the Greek Children's Book Association, the Cyprus Children's Book Association,  I represent Greece at the Multicultural Children's Book Day (MCBD- USA) and as an Ambassador to the organization Read to me Day-Australia. I attend meetings as an active member – of local and non-breastfeeding support associations such as The La Leche League. I write articles for the online family magazine Familives which I love because several years ago it was the first one that gave me the platform to express my thoughts.

My passion and love for writing constantly leads me to explore new paths regarding my writing culture. If for some reason it's been a long time since I've written I want to eat my flesh. That's when the explosion that marks the beginning of creation takes place. Romantic and optimistic with an unwavering belief that the wisdom of children is contagious as long as we realize it and then a wonderful world will be created. 

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