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Multicultural Children's Book Day

Multicultural Children's Book Day GREECE


Moved by this post as well as the previous one at the Pazinos school. Here you see the kindergarten of the village of Sternes. A very small village of N. Chania, Crete, where its HeadMiss Tziakiafter contacting us he organized a Multicultural Children's Book Day celebration in the classroom! UnfortunatelyI personally couldn't be there, but I'm very happy to share with you everything that my boss mentioned!


Title: "the cat and the rooster"

Author: - This is a folk tale - folk story

Illustrator : N Kashchak

Publisher: Vivat ( )

Mrs. Svitlana Tikhonova, mother of a kindergarten student, did us the honor of reading a book of traditional folk stories to us in Ukrainian. The selected fairy tale is entitled "The Cat and the Rooster"

What happened….

After the reading and the translation into Greek, the children saw the pictures again... they were impressed by the activities of the animals as they saw them in the illustration... i.e. the animals played chess, the cat took his violin in his bag!

They loved the story...some tricks of the cat and the fox and the gullible rooster!

They asked to see the pictures again and drew something related many of them to the fox ... and at the end they asked to see the pictures again!

All children even in the most remote village have the right to curiosity and yes they can take part in such activities!

And many more!

May all the classrooms of all schools be filled with universal light next year

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Multicultural Children's Book Day

Multicultural Children's Book Day GREECE

Honestly, what we experienced today at Pazinou Primary School was something magical!! Do you know where Pazinos is? It is a small village in Chania, near the airport, so today ALL the classes of the school came into contact with other cultures through the celebration of the Multicultural Children's Book Day. All children even in the most remote village have the right to curiosity and yes they can take part in such activities!

I found myself watching the children of the sixth grade (11-12 years old) in both classes, where a book in Hebrew was read by the author.Reut Levinwhere we thank her warmly!


Author: Reut Levin

Illustrated: Tali Reznik

Published by: Marimix studios

This fairy tale (for ages up to 5 years) refers to our love for and respect for animals, but also to the fact that animals have feelings like humans.

What happened….

          Στο πρώτο τμήμα υπήρχαν παιδιά which they recognized from reading!! same words as Greek!! Wow! I was surprised because I didn't even understand them. The word was קאפיט means kitten and is pronounced similarly in Hebrew. So, through the illustration, the children heard the word and understood that it is the same word as ours...

They were amazed at reverse writing and reading, and wanted to know more about it. They also asked which countries speak Hebrew and we learned that only in Israel is this language heard! They were interested in the types of writing (ancient and new) and whether there are common elements with Egypt. We started to write words like peace, love in Hebrew and I want to emphasize that the children followed from the beginning to write backwards!! While I instinctively wrote the words from left to right  …

        Στο δεύτερο τμήμα τώρα τα παιδιά αφού εξεπλάγην με την ανάποδη ανάγνωση και γραφή , they had a different approach to the fairy tale and the language! they wanted to talk more about animals, what each animal is called in Hebrew and what life is like in Israel! They also wrote the title of the book in Hebrew, and I must emphasize that the children followed the reverse writing from left to right without much difficulty! The children in this section wanted to know how their name is written in this writing! And so the board was filled with Greek names written in Hebrew! How great? how close did we really come?

And many more!

May all the classrooms of all schools be filled with universal light next year

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On Saturday, January 21, something amazingly magical happened!


Ten countries, ten cultures, met on the occasion ofMulticultural Children's Book Day, the Multicultural Children's Bible Day! The Greek section was present with global co-hostAgatha Rodiand me to organize this celebration in Chania for the first time in Greece! Fairy tales were read in the language of their original version from France, Germany, Italy, Dominican Republic, Greece, Israel, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and USA.

We thank the Municipal Library of Chania Municipal Library of Chaniafor such warm and warm hospitality and especially MsVivi Choudalakimanager of the libraries, who shared with us important information and actions taking place - Chania has three children's libraries! and I say it with great pride - but also for a wonderful surprise that he had in store for us at the end by reading us a favorite fairy tale!

I want to share with you that which enchanted us adults and made me personally search to find Marina who was once a child. The children -who came from the aforementioned countries, some of whom did not speak English or Greek well-, after hearing and seeing the images from the narration of the fairy tale in the original language, and after completing its summary in English and Greek, " they recognized his illustration and made up stories about it and asked very very apt questions! some of them showed preferences in books, how did we understand that? From their paintings! The children were free to draw whatever they wanted during the stories and many of them created drawings from the books they read!

      So children do not need to speak the same language to communicate, and a fairy tale does not need to be in the mother tongue of the child so that he can enter his heart and be understood. If that's not magic then what is?

what was that element that made the biggest impression on the children? The book read by Israel in Hebrew, upside down, from the end (ours) to the beginning (ours).

        donation of  books to libraries and schools has already been made and we are continuing!

Goal and purpose achieved! Exchange of cultural elements between the countries and strengthening of curiosity but also placing these books in libraries and schools!

A wonderful day!

Photoshoot by all of us, who represented our countries with great joy holding in our hands the children's book we read!

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Multicultural Children's Book Day

Celebration day!

Multicultural Children's Book Day!

The Greek Department organizes the 1st event for this year at the Municipal Library of Chania, organizer Marina Ploumpi.

January 21 at 1:15 p.m

We will read children's books from all over the world!

Multicultural Children's Book Day is a global celebration held online every year on the last weekend of January. So we organized by life for this reason a meeting of people from many countries to read children's books from the original edition!

Exchange cultural elements between countries!