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Transparent Glasses

My long lasting love 

The information in the shot.

Share the most important info in not much details.

Without much talk.

The essentials just to say i am in to it or not.

Info in a Shot was born many years ago. At one of the many gatherings at my mother's house. A collection of about 1500 shot glasses so far from all around world. No matter who traveled anywhere, he was instructed to bring back in his suitcase not one but 2 of these shot glasses. This collection is from far away villages, cities or areas. So in this loving gatherings with friends, when dinner is finished , the party begins. Shot party. It starts with the voice of my mother saying  

"Ok, where do you want to go? What city you wanna visit? "

"Fiji" or "Paris"  is lets say a common reply  and then magically mom bring the "Fiji" shot out . I was always impressed her ability to remember the exact place of its shot.  Each of us drinking for this shots while speaks and exchanges information, not much detailed.  Other times this party lasts longer and  when this is happened everybody change a lot of shots (meaning village , cities, places, destinations) and this is when we do the round of the world.  There are times when one begins and ends his journey in the same"place". Another can do the round of the world in just one night! Usually in this case he is the most dizzy of all. Some have taken away one particular shot and almost forbid anyone else to use it. (Yes this is me)

So around this table drinking from these shot glasses,  information is exchanged. Some are short and concise and others through long dialogues.

It's time to share this information here in as much time as having a shot. 

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